She’s got eggs on her miiiiiind!….


My guest blogger for today – my younger daughter Kanchana!

– – – 

So in a recent blog post, my mother mentioned that BOTH her kids love eggs as much as she does. Uhh, not cool Amma.

Firstly, as Arch so emphatically stated in her ‘guest blog post’, my mother didn’t let either of us develop food preferences when we were growing up. Secondly, when either of us did – accidentally – manage to develop a preference either way, it apparently got ignored completely!

One such preference that I secretly, sneakily, stealthily manage to develop was my dislike for eggs. (Note to Amma: next time you blog about either Arch or me, please verify your data about what foods we like).

I’ve never been a big fan of eggs. Eggs in whichever form – whether scrambled, omeletted, boiled, buried in cheese, whatever. Having been a vegetarian athlete, I was never allowed to go without eggs, as protein sources are hard to come by. While throughout my years at school I found a way to twist, break, find a loophole in pretty much every role enforced by our teachers, I was the complete opposite when it came to training. So when my coach told me to eat X number of eggs a day, everyday, I shut up and did it.

Naturally, I kept trying out different ways to disguise the eggs I had to eat. One recipe that I recently stumbled upon is Egg Akoori. I first tasted this rather fantastic Parsi dish at Bombay’s famous Leopold’s Café and tried to recreate it at home. 

Here’s what you’ll need: (recipe makes 4 eggs)


1 pod garlic

1 green chili

½ large onion sliced

1 tomato chopped up

1 large pinch of : turmeric, jeera, dhaniya, chaat masala, chili powder

Heat butter in a pan. Add in ingredients in the order above. Cook them up, then add in the eggs and scramble up.

Garnish with coriander. I like eating this with hot rice.

Basically, scrambled eggs-Indian style!

(Picture courtesy: Internet)