Pinwheel sandwiches: And in pinwheels lies beauty in the eyes of a 3 year old!

There once was a little girl who, like all little girls do, went through a phase of fussy eating – thankfully for the mother, it didn’t last long! But as long as it did, the mom (read self) stood on her head trying to think up interesting lunchboxes for the brat in question (read A!). With a full-time career, it wasn’t easy but it was a VERY determined mom! 
Idea after idea was tried out, some successfully, some not and then mom came up with what she thought was a brilliant idea – pinwheel sandwiches! After all, what could be more exciting to a 3-year (yes, that’s all she was!) old heart and little tummy? But mom, being who she was, also needed to not forget the nutrition part of it – so-pudina chutney and tomato relish were chosen as being ‘full of nutrients!’ The relish got ditched along the way with the pressure of office deadlines and ketchup – secret guilt 🙁 – took it’s place. 
All good so far? Excitedly made chutney, sandwiched it and wrapped it an wet napkin as i’d been told to and then voila, next morning packed the whole caboodle – i was as excited as her! Came back in the evening to a VERY hungry daughter who hadn’t touched her lunch! And why? “Because, Amma” (very small voice), “they were too beautiful to eat”!! Phew!! What was i supposed to do?? Cuddled her and gave her dinner – NOT sandwiches!
The recipe is simple – the trick or “kituku” as my mom, the grandmom who doesn’t enter this story would say, is in the chutney and the rolling of the sandwiches.
Here’s pinwheel 101 #
Pudina (mint) – 2 bunches – washed and picked
1 green chili – this is NOT for you but a 3 -year old, remember??! If you want more “kick” get it your self! 
Coriander leaves – 1 bunch
Garlic flakes – 1 or 2
Ginger – a wee bit – abt a cm
Juice of one lemon
Sugar – 1 1/2 tsp
Salt to taste
Kala namak or chaat masala or Himalayan pink salt – 1 generous pinch
Grind everything together to a thick chutney (not adding excess water because the sandwiches will turn soggy)
1 loaf of soft, white, unhealthy 😉 sandwich bread – edges cut off (is there any end to our unhealthiness???)
Butter the bread on one side only. Place the slice on a wet kitchen towel – obviously buttered side up!!. Spread out chutney – just a thin layer – and place another slice on top. Smear ketchup on this one.. Using the napkin to push, gently roll  up the sandwich and try not to break it! Also don’t fold the napkin into the sandwich – you don’t want pieces of cotton towel in your mouth, do you? 
Repeat many times till either you or your bread are exhausted! In ANOTHER napkin, place the sandwiches, cover so they fit in snugly, place in a box, and leave overnight in the frig. Next morning, they should be easy to cut. If they fail, you can have a savoury Eton mess for breakfast!

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  1. Hi! You know me..:) pinwheels look beeyoootiful! But good white bread is so hard to get these days.. 🙁

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