Potato tava fry : Of a budding Picasso (unrecognised!)

Rest and recreation usually means easy-to-digest food, right? Starchy stuff? Like this very delicious potato tava fry – crunchy on the outside, flaky on the inside and totally loaded with flavour! Potato Tava Chops.

Korivi kharam: Of protecting animal rights and student rights!

To celebrate our very bright B-school grads (don’t lynch me – I’m one too!), here’s a kickstarter to ahem… brightness?! Telengana Korivi Kharam.

Mocha kottai khaara kozhambu: Of protein supplements, ants and the Spanish Inquisition!

Also suffice to say I prefer my protein in the form of beans and stuff – like this very delicious, very simple dish from Tamilnadu… Mochakottai Khaara Kozhambu.

Vangyachi bhaji: Of fishy vegetables and other aversions!

This one though, doesn’t need any sneakiness – it is by itself one of the most delicious ways of eating eggplant – the Maharashtrian way, which I have adapted slightly. Vangyachi Bhaji/Eggplant Curry.

Omapodi: Of monkeys and their songs!

This baby definitely has a lot of affinity to monkeys – being born in the year of the monkey according to the Chinese calendar and being more than a little bit of a monkey in her nature! And here’s an old favourite at home – for the very special monkey in our lives… Omapodi/Sev.

Kodubale: also known as the great Indian head bobble!

And so we go round and round with our heads… rather like this savoury teatime snack from Karnataka… the famous… Kodubale/Chekodi.

Obbattu: Of the unbearable nature of translations!

Nothing, however, changes how delicious this sweet dish from Karnataka (variations are made everywhere but the original is from Karnataka and Maharashtra!) Obbattu/Poli/Bobbattu.

Satyanarayana swami pooja prasadam: What if the monkeys eat up the sitaphals at midnight?

My favourite desserts tend to be fruit-based too and even favourite prasadams, like this… Satyanarayan Swami Pooja Prasadam.

Zucchini fritters: Of the child’s idea of man!

And so, here’s a “healthy” snack for all the bits – the pink and grey ones, the hard ones, the soft ones, the blood ones and everything else. Super as a teatime snack when you really want those bajjis or bondas but know that the pink bits will protest! Zucchini Fritters.

Lime rice: Of grandmothers and grand daughters and lime lice!

Strangely, recovering from a bug, that is what I feel like eating right now! Illness makes you regress? Here it is – one of the hoary old standbys of the South Indian kitchen… Lime Rice.